Don't panic. If you do not have previous experience, we'll start from the beginning.

The easiest way is to let us know: by phone, Skype or TeamViewer, we can clarify Affiliate-Marketing step by step, look at the ADNET together and answer any questions.

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First of all: Welcome! We are delighted that you are here.

1. Register.
Simply fill out the form truthfully under "Register" and send it. We will connect you as soon as possible after that - or if we have any further questions - we'll get in touch with you. You will receive an e-mail after activation - Your access is activated and you can immediately start the application.

2. Browsing
After logging in you will already be able to see a small selection of our campaigns on the welcome page. If you don't find anything suitable here, you can find a whole list of active offers under "Campaigns." It can be scanned and filtered nicely - you can browse from the top right through to the bottom. If something looks interesting, you can view more detailed information via "Show Campaign Details." Here you can also see a preview of the landing page.

3. Decision making
You might be thinking: "This looks great, how can I get involved?" By scrolling down this page and accepting our Terms and Conditions as well as enrollment conditions. Now, you are already enrolled

4. Selection of Advertising Material
Once you are registered on the campaign, the tabs "Advertising Material" and "Direct Link" will appear. Normally we provide a set available in the following standard sizing:
160x600, 120x600, 300x250, 468x60, 728x90
Should these sizes not suffice or should a specific type / size is needed: Just get in touch with us! Our graphics team can add the missing advertising media within a short period of time.
Under no circumstances are you permitted to integrate your own banner (apologies, but we have to insist on this due to branding aspects). That's why we are happy to incorporate sizes which are frequently needed into our standard repertoire. In addition, the tab "Direct Link" is always available to provide direct linkage to text links. This can be supplemented to Sublds like any other advertising material.

5. Incorporation
Below every chart the corresponding "configure AdTag and show source" is available. Find the size(s) you need and continue by clicking on this request: A Javascript-Code in which the SubID's and SubIdentifiers may be added. Please, copy this code and paste it unaltered (!) on your website.

You are all set.

In case of specific questions, technical difficulties and other general confusions, we are here to help you out. Either via telephone, email or if necessary through Skype; where we normally solve every problem.


Or use our Contact Form